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1st Place Story 

The Two Horses by Jihyun Park

All I can think of is how thirsty and fatigued I am all the time.

Every day, all we do is run back and forth on this vast plain with different customers on our backs. Today, I had a big grumpy man on me, lashing all the time. When I reached the wild flowers, my boss told him not to be harsh, and to give me a chance to feed myself, but when my boss wasn’t looking the man kept kicking me impatiently.

This is the Mongolian steppe. For some, it is the land of greenery and freedom, but for us it is just lashes and bridles instead. Only our ancestor, Tahki, was once wild and free. Or so we’ve heard.

The sun is setting over the village. My boss comes and hangs my saddle over the handrail. Then he ties my bridle on the handrail together with Sharik’s bridle.  People tie our bridles so there will be no runaways during the night.

Night falls and there is a new moon out. It is foggy and quiet, and I slowly fall asleep.

“Jagal!” Sharik wakes me. 


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2nd Place Story

An Icy Day by Peter Cheon-Yong Park


Jason was a seventeen year old high school student from a small and somewhat unfamiliar town in the U.S. One day, he met his best friend, Jacob, in front of their school. They greeted each other and started their usual banter when the school bell rang, and all the students started pushing each other to rush in to their classes, and suddenly one student bumped into Jason’s shoulder and he dropped the phone he was clutching in his hands.


 Jason bent over to pick up his phone from the floor, and while getting back up, he saw something that will forever change his entire life. At that moment he saw the prettiest lady he had ever seen. He froze in time and watched as the lady’s hair glowed as if the sun was shining brightly behind her as she walked down the hallway. It was Ms. Moore, the new substitute science teacher and from that moment on Jason developed a huge crush on her. 


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3rd Place Story

The Universal Treatment by Lois Jee-In Yoon


If there is one thing that scientists, researchers, doctors, and pharmacists should be trying really hard to find today, it is the universal treatment, or panacea –something that can cure all diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, which my grandmother is diagnosed with.


Alzheimer’s disease, which is a neurological disease that usually affects elderly people, and leads to a loss of memory and reasoning,  is known to be one of the hardest diseases to cure; even great doctors and medicines can barely even ease the symptoms.

You may not believe it, but it is through my grandmother that I was able to discover a treatment that would cure her disease. 




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