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Meet the Illustrators

Here are the folks that are responsible for illustrating the winning stories and poems. They are all professionals who have volunteered their time to ceate the illustrations for our book. Each of them have a passion for art and creative expression.


Nemo Sandman from Paris, France Flag of France

Nemo at the Imaginales 2011

Film Director, Author, Composer and Illustrator, with broad experience in story making since 1994. He is a true multimedia artist, and also a novelist. Click here to learn more. 


Annie Idris from Toronto, Canada ca 


I am an Illustrator with a background in Art, Architecture, and Landscape. I draw in various mediums such as acrylic, charcoal, graphite and pastels. However, I enjoy working in ink and watercolours the most. My signature style is whimsical and slightly humorous. The theme of my art is usually based on pop culture and inspirations from my daily life. Click here to learn more. 


Najah Khemaissia from Toronto, Canada ca


I am a Graphic Designer / Illustrator originally from Montreal, QC where I was inspired by the European style of the city, and the artistic passion of French people, surrounded by Fashion Designers and Artists. I moved to Toronto, ON to find more opportunities and work with big names, and yet I am still striving for more. Click here to learn more.


R. Eric Disney from Kansas City, USA US


eric disney


With 35 years of designing and creating all manner of products for Hallmark Cards Inc., Illustrator Eric Disney comes to the world of freelance writing and illustration with a passion for bringing an emotional reaction to the people who happen to be recipients of a concept he has brought to life… and what better place than CreatEng Cafe to do that? Click here to learn more.


Yasemin Ezberci from California, USA US

 MG 7091e

I was born in Turkey in 1985. I studied Computer Animation in Sheridan College, Ontario, Canada. I have been working as an illustrator/designer for 10 years. 


Samantha Haggart from Toronto, Canada ca


Samantha Haggart is a student at the University of Toronto completing a double major in English and Cinema Studies. She studies national cinemas in their spatiotemporal contexts, as well as film theory. Outside of an academic setting, she works as a photographer and videographer under the moniker CouleurDeFer. Click here to learn more. 


Suzie Mulaga from Toronto, Ontario ca

I am an Illustrator who primarily creates fashion illustrations in my leisure time to further develop my skills and build a portfolio. Click here to learn more.


André Gascon from Niagara, Canada ca

 gascon linkedin

Born and raised in Niagara Region of Ontario, André has always been a determined dreamer with a fear of squirrels and dry ice. Coincidentally he is a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator with a passion for anything aesthetically pleasing. André is currently pursuing a degree in Visual Arts at Brock University in St. Catherines, ON. Click here to learn more.


William-James Green from Toronto, Canada ca

William James Green


I am a Toronto based artist and illustrator. After years of interest in the visual medium as a child, I pursued and completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts at OCAD University. Currently I am splitting my time between an engineering design startup as head of product design, and freelance illustration. Click here to learn more.


Angel Nieves from Miami, USA US



I'm a visual artist since the day I was born. Every cell of my body contains some kind of art and creativity.  For the past seven years I had been doing what I love the most (Creating Art). I consider myself an Artist in different medias; people call me designer, illustrator, typographer or painter. Im proud of the work I done till today because all I ever try to do is to communicate a massage trough my art. Click here to learn more.


Guillermo "Memo"Arias from New York, USA US


Memo Arias

Guillermo "Memo"Arias was born in NY but grew up in Colombia, South America and after high school he came back to NY to go to art school. Constantly transitioning between medias he has been working with art for more than 15 years, his work has been showed in galleries, internet, t-shirts, and the street. His art is usually inspired by his love of history and cultures. Click here to learn more.


Kim Nguyen from Toronto, Canada ca

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Born and raised in Canada,however my heart is in traveling to the east. As an illustrator I am inspired by the little things and the cute things. I want to share my kid at heart personality through my artwork and spread a little smile to everyone! Click here to learn more.


Rivquh Nazareth Horner from New York, USA US



Naz is an accomplished artist from a very young age. She has always felt very at home with her creative process and has fostered great skills over the years of creating amazing pieces. From picking up a ball-point pen and sketching beautiful impromptu line-work illustrations to professionally designing computer aided 3D animations, Naz enjoys all aspects of the creative process. Her emphasis is on 3D design/animation/illustration with great aptitude using the Wacom Cintiq hardware. When not making beautifully rendered computer graphics, she is usually crafting something with her hands, painting, or generally being artsy. Click here to learn more.



Christopher Poon from Toronto, Canada ca


Chris is an illustrator, motion graphic artist and designer. Passionate about the art scene, he attends as many film festivals and exhibitions as his schedule allows. Whenever possible, he contributes his time to the creative scene, by collaborating with local artists of various media, from filmmakers to poets. Click here to learn more.


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