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Meet the Judges

Here are the folks that are responsible for reading each submission. They all have various backgrounds and have volunteered their time to help us determine a winner. Each of them have a passion for the English language and creative expression.


Stephen Thergesen from Denver, USA US


Adult educator and private tutor providing global, personalized, affordable, online instruction and coaching to English as a second language learners, including: language proficiency exams, workforce entry, immigration application and academic admission preparation; conversation and presentation pragmatics; vocabulary expansion and grammar calibration; proofreading; and formative and summative assessment.


Ezekiel Johnson-Yerimoh from Lagos, Nigeria 3ff0dd0579f5fb218121bc796169b7f3

Ezekiel Johnson-Yerimoh

My name is Ezekiel Johnson-Yerimoh. I have a passion for analysing, planning and organization. I am an experienced Accountant trainee. I'm currently the MD/CEO of Tonell & Cole Services, the President of Knowledge Field International and Country Coordinator, Annual World Quizzing Championships-IQA. I love speaking, writing, reading, singing and traveling. I'm married with two children.


Rachel Playfair, Barcelona, Spain 300px-Spain flag icon.svg 703

Rachel Playfair

Rachel grew up in Canada and has lived in Barcelona since 1993. Her studies include Psychology, ELT and Applied Linguistics. She has been teaching English for over 20 years. She trained as a coach in 2012, and then established her company, Language Strategy Coaching. She also works as a teacher-trainer and consults on educational projects. Other interests include music, cooking and gardening.


Tatyana Fedosova from Gorno-Altaisk, Russia gg63262046

 DSC 0363

My name is Tatyana Fedosova and I am a Professor of English Philology in the Department of European Studies at Gorno-Altaisk State University in Russia. My research interests include postmodern literature, textual interpretation, and grammar theory. 
Emilia Martin from Vancouver, Canada ca
When my family immigrated to Canada, I fell in love with the English language. After completing my Hon. BA in English and History and my B.Ed., I began teaching. In addition to teaching, I also write curriculums and consult. Helping people develop their language skills is my lifelong passion.
Amira Shouma from Montreal, Canada ca
Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 10.40.11 PM
I have a Bachelor Degree in Arts, a General Education Disploma, a Profssional Cerificate in Written Translation, and a TESL Certificate. Currently I am an MA graduate student in the Applied Linguistics Program at Concordia University. I have experience in the field of teaching English as a foreign language as well as managing courses, especially for adult learners.
Anna Klis from Wroclaw, Poland PolandFlag
A Klis 

I am an experienced English tutor passionate about every bit of my job. The beauty and complexity of the English language captivates me. I teach English at the University of Business in Wroclaw, Poland as well as at several renowned language schools. I hold a masters’s degree in English from the University of Wroclaw and a bachelor’s degree in Film Production from the University of Wales, Great Britain. I love film, theatre and arts.


S. Boyar from Brooklyn, USA US

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I started teaching English when I was a senior, finishing my bachelor's degree. From St. Petersburg to Canada, and in three boroughs of New York I have spent a dozen years. Currently I am teaching ESL in Canarsie, Brooklyn and composition courses in a local college.


Peter Winthrop from USA US

Peter Winthrop


I am Peter Winthrop. I am from the USA and live in China now where I have been teaching English for six years. I enjoy helping student to practice and use their English in practical ways. I look forward to reading your work and assisting you to improve yourself. 


Summer Fanous from Toronto, Canada ca 

profile pic dbs copy

Summer is a freelance writer with work appearing online and in print publications. Her love of words began in the first grade while learning to read and write, thanks to rhyme and alliteration (and her teacher Mrs. Brooks). Her desire is to help people express their message through writing.


Stephano Chiarantano from Toronto, Canada ca


Stefan Chiarantano is a Toronto-based photographer, writer, and experimental filmmaker.  He photographs urban environments shooting in black and white using natural light.  He was the co-editor of the first two issues of the literary magazine 'Things Japanese' and was a contributor to The Annex Gleaner and The Liberty Gleaner, two community based papers in Toronto.    Stefan has taught English in Asia for several years.


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