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About Us 

CreatEng was founded on the belief that the imagination could be used to facilitate the learning of a language. We hope that our Annual English Creative Writing Competition will stimulate your imagination and encourage you to express yourself in English.

In October of 2012 CreatEng launched it's first ever English Short Story Competition directed towards South Korean English as a foreign language learners. The competition was such a success that in 2013 CreatEng rebranded to CreatEng Cafe and is now an international competition. 

Now, CreatEng Cafe hosts an Annual English Creative Writing Competition with submissions from all over the world. We also have a highly interactive website with an Inspiration Station, where we upload content weekly to help give you ideas and the opportunity to express yourself in English.

Learning phrases and studying grammar will help you understand the foundation of English, but you can only truly become fluent once you are able to construct your own sentences, freely and independently, and what better way to do that then writing your own short story?

There is no limit to what you can do when you put your mind to it, and that is why we do not put any limit on what you should write about and how many submissions you make. We encourage you to write about whatever you want, and if you have more than one idea, that’s even better!

We hope to challenge English learners with their fluency, and most of all inspire them to think and create in English. Imagine what you can create when you combine your experiences and your imagination with your knowledge of the English language.

So tell us, what's your story?


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